Using a CNAME Record on your Root Domain Breaks MX records

I am using the Ghost hosted platform. They support custom domains and I wanted to use my root domain ( instead of a subdomain ( Ghost advises against doing this but I was not sure why; they are not that clear about the reason.

So despite their warning, I went ahead and did it anyway. That's how I found out that when you add a CNAME record on the root domain, it will no longer use your DNS records. I found out about this when I was expecting an email and it never arrived (I use MX records on my domain because I use Google apps).

So that is why my blog is located at instead of just

~~Update: I am no longer using Ghost and have switched to Jekyll, but this is still useful for anyone that might run into the same problem.~~

~~Update #2: I switched back to Ghost. They now offer a desktop app which I believe is awesome.~~

~~Update #3 (2017-04-17): I switched back to Jekyll. A static site handles heavy loads with ease.~~

~~Update #4 (2019-01-11): I switched to Hakyll for the faster compile time.~~

Update #5 (2020-06-08): I switched to Gatsby because I gave in to our TypeScript overlords.